The air filter is an essential part of your vehicle. But how does it work? When to change it? To each, his way answers your questions.

What is the role of the air filter?

The role of the air filter is to trap the dusty particles contained in the air without reducing the airflow to the engine. It will also reduce engine “inspiration” noises. It is essential for the correct operation of the machine that the gasoline air mixture be the best. This is why this body is necessary and forms part of the regular interviews (cf. interview book). It would help if you generally changed it every 30,000 km or every year.

The air filter performs an essential function in carburetion. It is the interface between the engine and the outside air and filters impurities. There are different types of air filters. The shapes are varied (round, cylindrical, rectangular).

The different types of air filters

There are three types of air filters depending on the car model:

The most popular air filter model is the dry air filter. Its size depends on the number of particles it can trap. It can be rounded or also a panel and is made of an embossed paper.

The most functional air filter model is the wet air filter. The significant advantage of this filter is that you can reuse it after cleaning it. It is said to be “wet” because its foam filtering member is soaked in oil.

The third model is the oil bath filter.

Replacing air filters

The quantity of air absorbed decreases for a clogged filter  (after 200 to 300 hours of driving), disturbing the gasoline air mixture. This malfunction affects the proper functioning of the engine, which is therefore no longer correctly supplied. It often happens that the car consumes more while losing power.

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