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mechanic holding used toyota MR2 engine partNeed reliable spares for your car which are hard to find? We are one of South Africa’s most trusted online sellers of genuine used parts. You can depend on we’ve the component you will need with our huge selection of parts available. We give a substantial choice of high quality used Toyota spare parts at competitive prices. We only offer high-quality used auto parts and do thorough inspections on every used component we sell, so you can purchase with confidence from us.

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    Recent MR2 Part Requests

    2024-05-09 12:14:54 +00:00
    Looking for front windscreen, Toyota MR2 W30 softop
    2024-04-26 22:38:48 +00:00
    Looking for Toyota MR two parts
    2024-04-26 22:38:03 +00:00
    Looking for Toyota MR two parts
    2024-04-23 20:28:24 +00:00
    Clamp for the soft top roof.
    2024-03-04 13:38:52 +00:00
    Rear main seal retainer housing
    2023-11-08 07:54:35 +00:00
    Looking for ABS pump
    Part no 44510-17080
    2023-10-02 07:12:26 +00:00
    Front toyota badge for mr 2
    2023-09-26 11:37:31 +00:00
    part needed clutch selector sensor 89419-0w020
    2023-09-26 08:44:51 +00:00
    2.0 3sgte
    Hi there looking for a 3sgte motor or sub assembly
    2023-09-21 11:36:25 +00:00
    Front Bumper
    2023-06-16 11:12:01 +00:00
    greetings, looking for left & right seats for a spyder mr2
    2023-06-13 13:04:48 +00:00
    Looking for a Toyota MR2 windscreen
    2023-06-13 13:04:47 +00:00
    Looking for a Toyota MR2 windscreen
    2023-03-29 16:36:03 +00:00
    I am looking for a Toyota MRS Spyder hardtop
    2023-02-07 09:01:51 +00:00
    3sgte in stock?
    About the MR2

    About The Toyota MR2

    The MR2 is a two-door, two-seater mid-engined convertible sports car sold by Toyota from 1984 to 2007 over three generations. The first generation MR2 was originally sold only in Japan and the United States, while the subsequent generations were also sold in Europe and as the Toyota Altezza in Japan. The current (third) generation car was available as an affordable rear-wheel drive roadster with standard front-engine, rear-wheel drive, and as a full-time four-wheel drive with automatic transmission.


    The Toyota MR2 is available to consumers in two engine configurations. The base configuration features a 1.8-litre four-cylinder 16-valve twin-cam engine, while the GT package features a 2-litre 16 valve twin cam engine. Both engines feature the Toyota Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control or VVTL-i. While the base model is capable of up to 130 km/h, the GT version is only limited to 127 km/h because of generally stricter standards applied to vehicles sold in Japan. To compensate for this lower top speed, the gear ratios are optimized so that 0-100 km/h acceleration will be improved by around 1 second compared to the base model.


    The MR2 features an aerodynamic body with sleek lines throughout its exterior design while maintaining a rigid chassis to go along with it. The mid-engine placement ensures perfect weight distribution while also allowing for easy entry into and out of tight parking spaces at least in theory. The front nose cone extends well below the front bumper to give the vehicle a low center of gravity. The MR2 also features an automatically operated soft top convertible roof which opens in less than 10 seconds, allowing the driver and passengers to enjoy the summer heat or go for a quick drive during rainstorms without any fuss whatsoever.


    The exterior design was created by Yuh Hijiri, who had previously designed several notable Japanese automobiles such as the 1973 Mazda RX-3 and 1978 Toyota Celica. His design for the MR2 took three years to complete before it was unveiled at the 1983 Tokyo Motor Show. The concept model received mixed feedback from critics; some believed that due to its unique wedge shape it would not find many buyers while others believed that the concept model was exactly what they wanted in a new car.

    Toyota’s initial intention of making the MR2 was to rival European cars like the Porsche 944 while remaining affordable for middle-class buyers; however, it did not achieve either of these goals at its initial release price of ¥3,349,000 (1983 Japan market). Instead of directly competing with more expensive sports cars like the Porsche 944 and Nissan 300ZX, Toyota chose to focus on providing luxury features such as power windows and locks, automatic climate control A/C system, leather seats, and alloy wheels while keeping its sticker price down by omitting some options available in other markets.


    The MR2 is offered with several standard performance oriented features that are more commonly associated with high-end models. Features such as power windows and locks, automatic climate control A/C system, leather seats, speakers built into the roll bar for rear passengers to enjoy music while on a drive, and graduated lift-off roof panels are offered in addition to front opening doors. The MR2 also has a few options available for buyers who desire certain convenience features not usually found in an average sports car. Some of these options include navigation systems or a sunroof which can be opened from the driver’s seat with just one touch of a button.

    Toyota also chose to omit some features that were offered by other manufacturers at this time because they did not fit into the vision for new sports car. Airbags, anti-lock brakes, and even an offering of any V6 engine were never available. The decision for omitting these features was that Toyota believed in the durability of the vehicle instead of adding unnecessary safety options to protect drivers who bought sports cars with little concern for safety in mind in the first place.



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