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mechanic holding used toyota RAV4 engine partDo you need hard-to-find authentic spares for your RAV4 ? We’re one of South Africa’s top online authentic used parts providers. You can be confident we’ve the part you need with our wide selection of parts available. We offer a giant range of high quality used Toyota parts at competitive prices. We only offer high-quality used auto parts and do thorough inspections on every used component we sell, so you can purchase with confidence from us.

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used toyota RAV4 parts
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a particular component or just wish to browse. We specialize in providing spares from all around South Africa for a broad variety of models. We are only a phone call away, so there really is no need to travel from scrap yard to scrap yard wasting both your time and petrol trying to find the right Toyota spares for your vehicle.

Part Request

    Recent RAV4 Part Requests

    2021-11-29 00:10:19 +00:00
    rav4 2008 rear left drop window wanted
    2021-11-27 09:04:00 +00:00
    2021-11-25 11:40:24 +00:00
    2.0 D-4D
    Skid plate - belly plate please?
    2021-11-25 09:53:19 +00:00
    2.2 D VX A/T
    Jar Assy, windshield washer (8535542100)
    Hose, Inlet (85319422330)
    Filter, windshield jar (8531247020)
    Bracket, windshield washer no 1 (8533742350)
    2021-11-23 11:02:20 +00:00
    1998 /1999
    looking for a Rav4 drivers window door switch for the 2 door rav
    2021-11-22 05:54:34 +00:00
    1. BOOTLID
    2021-11-16 11:16:06 +00:00
    Aircon condensor
    2021-11-01 14:53:13 +00:00
    Looking for automatic folding mirrors for Rav4 2021 model.
    2021-10-25 21:58:52 +00:00
    2021-10-25 09:57:08 +00:00
    Right front indicator lens
    2021-10-19 22:52:05 +00:00
    I need various spare parts for vanguard 2007 silver
    As follows.
    1.Both front and back lights
    2.the xenon light system
    3. The ac control panel
    4.the start Burton
    5. The griele
    6.Both side mirrors
    7.The car radio
    Please get back to me on watsap for an easier communication media
    2021-10-14 13:53:25 +00:00
    Left 2nd hand back door
    2021-10-13 09:32:22 +00:00
    Looking for
    LH Front Door (Passenger Door)
    2021-10-11 19:43:44 +00:00
    Please also WhatsApp me : +974 66196935. Thanks. Paula
    2021-10-11 19:42:11 +00:00
    Urgently require left front glass headlamp.
    About the RAV4

    About The Toyota RAV4

    The Toyota RAV4 is a great small SUV that is practical and affordable. Three trim levels are available for the RAV4 with the entry level being the 2.0GX. This model comes standard with an extra large fuel tank, 7 inch touch screen multimedia display, Puddle lights, Bluetooth, Alloy wheels and fog lights. Other available features include; Leather interior & seats, Parking aid sensors and a reversing camera just to name a few.


    The Toyota RAV4 has a range of engines, with two types of direct-injection systems, one petrol and one diesel, both with hybrid assistance. The smaller petrol engine, with only petrol-electric hybrid assistance, is a 1.8 litre Dual VVT-i unit. It produces 118bhp at 6000rpm and 107 lb/ft torque at 4000rpm. The larger 2.0 litre Dual VVT-i unit produces 144 bhp at 6000rpm and 141 lb/ft torque at 4000rpm. Both the smaller unit plus a 2.2 diesel engine – a D-CVT unit.

    Common parts sold on the Toyota Rav4

    Toyota Rav4 Engine block

    The function of engine block is to seal cylinders while accepting airflow from the intake manifold for each combustion chamber and distributing that throughout the crankcase via a separate branch pipe. The engine block also houses many components such as: piston assemblies, crankshaft, spark plugs, intake and exhaust valves (some models), camshaft(s) (some models), oil pan (some models). Common reasons for replacement are worn out engine blocks and the block being cracked.

    Toyota Rav4 Piston

    A piston regulates the amount of air and fuel that enters each combustion chamber, as well as helps to reduce friction. Pistons are usually made from aluminum or cast iron. Their top will have a number which corresponds to the cylinder number they go in (1st, 2nd etc). Common reasons for replacement can be worn out pistons and a cracked block.

    Toyota Rav4 Cylinder head

    A cylinder head contains many valves and passages through which air flows into the engine compartment where combustion takes place. The cylinder head is bolted to the top of the engine block, sealing all cylinders from one another via valve covers. For example: if a spark plug were dislodged from its hole, it would only affect the cylinder in which the loose plug was located. Common reasons for replacement are worn out cylinder heads and a cracked engine block.

    Toyota Rav4 Crankcase

    The crankcase is where the crankshaft lives, it moves up and down reciprocating motion to drive pistons up and down in order to create powerful combustion. Common reasons for replacement are worn out crankcases and broken crankshafts.

    Toyota Rav4 Camshafts

    A camshaft regulates when valves open during various phases of an engines cycle. For example: intake valves open while intake strokes take place releasing air/fuel mixture into each cylinder whereas valves open when exhaust strokes take place releasing exhaust gases from each cylinder. Common reasons for replacement are worn out camshafts and a broken crankshaft.

    Toyota Rav4 Valve assembly

    The function of a valve assembly is to open/close the passage through which air/fuel mixture reaches cylinders so as to allow intake or exhaust gases to leave engine compartment. When valves fail to open or close, this affects how much fuel/air flow into and out of each combustion chamber respectively depending on whether it is an intake or exhaust valve that fails. Common reasons for replacement are worn out valves, a broken rocker arm and a faulty timing chain tensioner (which controls timing).

    Toyota Rav4 Oil pan

    The oil pan is the lowest part of an engine where oil collects. Oil helps to lubricate cylinder walls so as to reduce friction between each piston. Common reasons for replacement are broken oil pans and a worn out engine block.

    Common Toyota Rav4 Body parts sold

    Toyota Rav4 Grille

    A grille is usually found in front/middle of cars below upper lips of bumper(s). A grille’s primary function is to provide airflow into engine compartment, this depends on how many holes it has per square inch (PSI). Some may also decorate (or de-decorate) car along with providing ventilation, and some may be alluding to climate (eg: snowflake grille). Common reasons for replacement are loose, broken and / or missing grilles.

    Toyota Rav4 Bonnet

    A bonnet is usually found behind/above front windscreen on cars. A bonnet’s primary function is to securly lock engine bay by fitting tightly over engine block of car. It also helps guard other parts in engine bay from debris, weather elements (rain, sun) etc. Some models may have an electrically powered hood which raises up vertically instead of hinges that lift upwards. Common reasons for replacement are loose, broken, dented etc bonnets.

    Toyota Rav4 headlights

    Headlights are devices that emit light. Headlight’s primary function is to provide vision in dark places, this can greatly help drivers when driving at night (or during early morning/evening hours). Common reasons for replacement are broken headlights and faulty wiring or bulbs.

    Toyota Rav4 tail lights

    A tail-light is usually located on either side of back bumper of cars. A tail-light’s primary function is to emit red light so as to alert other traffic participants that a car is about to stop, turn or decrease speed. Common reasons for replacement are broken tail-lights and faulty wiring or bulbs.

    Toyota Rav4 Radiator

    A radiator’s primary function is to regulate engine temperature so as to keep it within optimum operating ranges by releasing excess heat via coolant. Common reasons for replacement are faulty radiators and broken hoses.

    Toyota Rav4 Gearbox

    A gearbox is where the manual or automatic transmission system of a car is located, gears help transfer rotational movement from crankshaft to drive wheels. Common reasons for replacement are worn out/broken gearboxes and synchros (the mechanism that allows drivers to change gears).

    Toyota Rav4 Differential

    Diff stands for differentials which basically gives multi-directional movements by allowing wheels on one turn at different speeds. Common reasons for replacement are broken differentials, worn out axle bearings and faulty ring-and-pinions.

    Toyota Rav4 Doors

    A door’s primary function is to provide an entrance into a car as well as provide protection to those inside from weather elements (rain/sun) and debris. Some models may have automatic door openers that sense when someone is nearby and opens up automatically. Common reasons for replacement are loose doors as well as dented doors which affect the way they close as well as windows which no longer go down or back up if windows motor fails or power window regulator breaks.

    Toyota Rav4 Fenders

    A fender can be found in front/rear of car below or above wheel arches. A fender’s primary function is to provide protection from debris, water spray from wheels and provide a clean look to car. Common reasons for replacement are loose/broken/dented fenders which affect the way they attach to the vehicle body as well as badly scratched paintwork when rubbing against another object.

    Toyota Rav4 Bootlid

    A boot lid (or boot-lid) is a gate on a car typically located at back where trunk space is usually found. A boot lid’s primary function is to allow storage area access by swinging upwards and providing security by locking it shut after access has been gained. Common reasons for replacement are loose boot lids, dented/damaged bodywork due to improperly secured lids as well as deterioration of the paint work caused by rusting.

    Toyota Rav4 Front Windscreen

    A front windshield is typically found in front/center area of cars and acts as a wind screen so as to reduce force felt by occupants when exposed to gusty winds. A front windshield’s primary function is to provide protection from debris, dust etc that may be experienced when travelling at high speeds or exposed to roads where there are no clean rooms provided for drivers. Common reasons for replacement are badly scratched windscreens, broken glass which affects clarity of vision, cracked glass due to impact damage by another object or penetration of interloper to car.

    Toyota Rav4 Front Bumper

    A front bumper provides protection to the outside of car by absorbing energy when crashing into another object. A front bumper’s primary function is to provide protection, while enabling airflow between different parts of a car so as to improve aerodynamics and control temperature inside. Common reasons for replacement are loose/broken bumpers which affect the way they attach to vehicle body as well as dented bumpers which affects paintwork.

    Toyota Rav4 Aircon Pump

    Aircon pump usually found in cars with AC (air conditioning system). A air-conditioning compressor creates cool air by altering temperature and pressure of refrigerant from liquid state to gas state, it then pumps this cooled gas throughout the AC vents within a car. Common reasons for replacement are broken/worn out aircon pump which affects the way it functions, exhaust/excessive noise due to failed bearings in compressor and deterioration of AC system.

    Toyota Rav4 Shock Absorbers

    Shock absorber (suspension unit) provides shock resistance by smoothening out bumps on roads while driving at high speeds or travelling over uneven road surfaces. Common reasons for replacement are shattered shock absorbers, torn boot covers, oil leakage from shock absorber after impact damage with another object or loose top mounts (upper part of shock absorber).

    Toyota Rav4 Power Steering Pump

    A power steering pump provides assistance to the driver when making turns at low speeds by reducing amount of effort needed to turn steering wheel. Common reasons for replacement are oil leakage, noise after impact damage with another object, broken belts or failed bearings in power steering pump which affects how it functions.

    Toyota Rav4 Window Mechanism

    A window mechanism is usually found inside doors and enables windows to be wound up/down as well as door locks which provide security for car occupants. A window mechanism’s primary function is to provide protection for car passengers through use of lockable doors that only open from the outside due to safety concerns. Common reasons for replacement are jammed/broken window mechanisms, non-functioning windows because of cracked or broken gears as well as distorted window glass due to collision with another object.

    Toyota Rav4 Window Switches

    Window switches controls window movement, enable power windows and door locks to be operated manually from the driver’s seat by using a switch. Common reasons for replacement are cracked/broken switches, non-functioning buttons due to water damage.

    Toyota Rav4 Indicators

    Indicator is usually found on the side/front of a car and displays an intention to turn by flashing a yellow light. Common reasons for replacement are burnt out lights, failed switches or faulty wiring which affects how it functions.

    Toyota Rav4 Door Mirrors

    A door mirror provides visibility from within a vehicle allowing drivers to have full view of what is behind them as they reverse out of parking spots/driveways etc. A door mirror’s primary function is to provide additional visibility. Common reasons for replacement are broken/wobbly mirrors as well as shattered glass due to impact with another object after collision.



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