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mechanic holding used toyota Land Cruiser engine partDo you need hard-to-find authentic spares for your Land Cruiser ? We are one of South Africa’s most trusted online sellers of authentic used parts. You can depend on we’ve the part you’ll need with our huge selection of parts available. We offer up a huge number of high quality Toyota spares at competitive prices. We only offer high-quality used auto parts and do thorough inspections on each one we sell, so you can purchase with confidence.

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used toyota Land Cruiser parts

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a particular component or just wish to browse. We specialise in supplying spares from a wide range of Toyota models in South Africa. We’re only a phone call away, so there really is no need to travel from scrap yard to scrap yard wasting both your time and petrol trying to find the right Toyota spare parts for your car.

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    Recent Land Cruiser Part Requests

    2023-12-01 09:10:25 +00:00
    looking for a bell housing to mate a 1FZ 4500 engine to a 5 speed cats iron landcruiser gearbox, left and right engine mountings for 1FZ 4500 and a heavy duty clutch plate for fine spline gearbox shaft.
    2023-11-16 14:44:16 +00:00
    looking for parts for Toyota landcruiser
    Rhs Head lamp, Grille, Front bumper, Fog lamps, Bonnet, Radiator support panel, Turbo and actuator, Tail lamp rhs, Rear Bumper, Bumper lamps, radiator, Aircon Radiator ,Couling, fan blade, Tail gate, Wing mirror
    2023-11-16 11:41:44 +00:00
    I require a front complete diff for a Land Cruiser 4.2
    2023-11-15 08:08:11 +00:00
    Hi we are looking for a rear door (the one that the spare wheel attaches to) for our 2007 Land Cruiser 76 4.2 D Station Wagon. Thanks
    2023-11-07 11:08:34 +00:00
    would like to find out if you have the following items , 1 shock sport Toyota Landcruiser ome60001 2 shock sport 100IFS R Toyota ome60002 3 guard c/w bolt and nut shock stone Toyota ome661 4 lamp incant 24V H4 high performance halogen xd24100/90 5 light globe DBL back rear light 12V 7528 double contact 6 element air refiner Toyota Landcruiser 67139-5202 7 bush spring rear Toyota coaster bus 90385-23002 8 alternator assy Toyota Landcruiser VD 27060-51010 IF YES KINDLY HELP ME WITH A QUOTATION, YOUR QUICK RESPONSE WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED.
    2023-11-01 16:01:39 +00:00
    Looking for an Alternator Land Cruiser 100 V8 (Petrol).
    2023-11-01 16:01:13 +00:00
    Looking for an Alternator Land Cruiser 100 V8 (Petrol).
    2023-10-31 13:42:08 +00:00
    4.2 diesel
    Good day. I am looking for a 5 speed manual gearbox for Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series Diesel turbo.

    It's a H151F gearbox.

    Please advise price and availability.

    Thank you
    2023-10-31 12:12:44 +00:00
    looking for right side full mirror
    2023-10-27 13:33:42 +00:00
    Looking for a steering rack for my land cruiser 100 series
    2023-10-20 09:36:53 +00:00

    I’m looking for Cruiser 70 series back doors

    2023-10-18 12:14:21 +00:00
    Looking for Toyota urban cruiser 2021 body parts
    Complete boot
    Back bumper
    Back lights
    Left side fender and fender liners
    2023-10-16 12:44:35 +00:00
    4.7 V8
    Looking for a Hydrolic brake booster for this toyota landcruiser 100 series 2UZ please
    2023-10-09 11:48:43 +00:00
    3.0 DIESEL

    Good day Sirs

    We hope this email finds you well

    Please we hereby request prices for parts of automatic Toyota Prado Land Cruiser, model 1KZ, year 2000, 3.0, vin number JT111GJ9500135208, engine number 1KZ-0693004 as per the descriptions below


    01- 1 unit front Windscreen glass
    02- 1unit Air bag module
    03- 1 unit Steering wheel air bag
    04- 1unit Dashboard airbag
    05- 1 unit Front bumper
    06- 1 unit set of LED spot light (left and right sides)
    07- 1unit Front Grille
    08- 1 unit thermostat for Prado Land Cruiser ( We do not have the sample of the required thermostat as the original one was stolen)
    09- 1unit Water Radiator
    10- 1 unit AC Radiator
    11- 1unit Bonnet
    12- 1 unit Right side front mudguard
    13- 1 unit Complete Fuse box
    14- 2units Water Tank for windscreen
    15- 1unit Front Reinforcement
    16- 1 unit set of Led Front Headlight (left and Right)
    17- 1unit set of Right and left side indicator
    18- 1unit Fan Blade
    19- 1unit Fan Clutch
    20- 1unit Radiator Guard
    21- 1 set of 2 units Horns
    22- 1unit Water pipe flange
    23- 1unit Bonnet lock and Cable
    24- 1unit Steering Box
    25- 1 unit of complete Toyota 1kz automatic transmission gearbox in 100% good condition and guarantee including the transfer case
    26- 1unit Diesel Turbocharger
    27-Water pump


    With the best regards

    Cremildo Raimundo

    Av. De Namaacha nº492/13


    Maputo - Moçambique

    Whatsapp number +258 876123321
    2023-10-06 10:36:39 +00:00
    Hi there, Please could you contact me, i have a large quantity of land cruiser parts that i need to sell
    About the Land Cruiser

    About The Toyota Land Cruiser

    The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive vehicles produced by the Japanese car maker Toyota. They are used by civilians and peacekeeping forces worldwide and were designed primarily for off-road use, although they are just as at home on the road. The versatility of the Land Cruiser is due to its numerous configurations: it can be built up to travel over most surfaces (road, desert, rocks, etc.), outfitted for numerous roles (ambulance, fire-fighting truck, etc.), and can even be outfitted with an anti-aircraft gun in an emergency.


    The Land Cruiser is available with five engine types: Toyota 1UR-FE 4.5 L V8, 2GR-FE 4.0 L V6, 2UZ-FE 4.7 L I6 Diesel, 3GR-FSE 5.7 L V8 petrol and 2JZ-FSE 7.3 L V8; the third through fifth engines are sold in Japanese markets only.



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